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I think it's obvious that I can never really stick to one project for long. And this proves that I'm truly and utterly insane.





9 OC - 13 by kairon92
9 OC - 13
My sister chose 13 for some weird reason. Also, notice the rusty copper on her hands. I'm not sure why they had to be rusty, but I guess it kind of suits her. The ribbons down the arms and legs were pretty fun to do.

EDIT:  13 now has a couple added injuries to display her extended time in the Emptiness, as well as a sort of descrptive profile.  These updated pics are being uploaded from my phone, and I apologize if the quality is crappy and the writing is unreadable.
Yeah, I know.  Why come up with more stories if you can't even post them, Summer?  That's stupid.  Well, with the spare time that I have, it's hard not to come up with more story ideas.  Thankfully this one will be the last one before the proper Human Bionicle prequel.  And by proper, I mean the story where the Hero Factory in Detroit opens for the following stories.  The new story I have planned out involves Shane Acker's "9" characters, including my 9 OC's... all thirteen of them (yes, after adding 26 and 27, I have thirteen 9 OC's).  And just because, my seven-people Toa group will be taking on Stitchpunk appearances, just to avoid stepping on something disease inflicting, mainly for Jacob's sake.  I'm already in the process of redesigning some of my characters just to update their appearances.  I might not be able to post stuff from my phone, but I can still edit deviations.  That makes things a little easier.
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Just something to remind everyone that I'm still working on story ideas and here's one I came up for my TMNT:Toa story.  Since I have it set around the same time the new TMNT movie comes out in theatres, I'm using that concept.  Also, I'm giving my Theosite character, Angelique, some story time in this because she needs character development.  A couple things I want opinions for from you guys.  One of those things is if I should include Shredder in this, giving him and Angelique a sort of partnership.  The other one is if i should have some of our human Toa be turned into mutant turtles, which ones those should be, and what colors their masks should be (I have already decided my character will be one of those victims and my mask will be black).  Okay, a third opinion can be other non-Toa characters or people being added to the cast.  Here's the cast so far (I'll add on if there are additions).

Adam Oliphant
Melissa Walker
Caleb Walker
Thomas Calloway
Alex Kruckenberg
Roger Cummings
both Toa teams, including Jacob
April O'Neil
Terra Branford
Setzer Gabbiani
Gavin Loscrat
Vernon Fenwick
Erik Sacks
Harris Oliphant
Julia Oliphant
Colten Brillhart
Michael Alderson
Chris Payne
Joseph von Dort
Victor Smith
Arch-Curate Vyrthur
Knight-Paladin Gelebor

Loki is only in this because this is his last month in our dimension before he is returned to the Asgard prisons.  As for the two Nobodies, I figured why not.  Let me know if I should add any others, including probably April's camera man.

EDIT:  Added some more characters.
EDIT 2:  Adding Deadpool because my youngest brother insisted (actually it's because he's compelling me to do so.)
EDIT 3:  Added my younger brother's friend, Colten.
EDIT 4:  Added Joseph, Michael, Chris, and Victor so we could have our beginning Hero Factory villains start with their plotting (Joseph's excuse was a transfer between police forces so that he could have a bigger challenge).  Vyrthur and Gelebor are Snow Elves that were present in the Dawnguard add-on to Skyrim and characters I had present in my Power Rangers story, and since their race is pretty much extinct in Skyrim (aside from the mutated Falmer), I felt they could use a little break from that country.
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8 months, 8 days earlier
 Teridax woke up to find himself back in Destral, as if nothing had happened.  Out of curiosity, he looked at his hand and was relieved to see that he was in his Makuta form.  Thinking back on the events he remembered made him wonder if they actually had occurred.  Looking around to find a strange opaque ice confirmed that they had.
 "You've been missing a while," a familiar voice said.  Teridax looked toward the speaker and saw it was Brutaka.  "Where did you disappear to?"
 "Hardly your concern, Brutaka," the Makuta growled.
 "It is if Roodaka disappeared with you and Sidorak.  Even the Matoran remembered that the timeline-"
 "Must not be altered from before.  Yes, I remember."  Teridax sighed in frustration.  "How long have we been gone?"  Brutaka shook his head with a small smile.
 "If you all had disappeared exactly four months and five days sooner, you would have been gone a whole two years."  The Makuta looked back at the ice in suspicion.
 "Something is interfering with the timeline, and that creature is no resident of this world."  He looked back at Brutaka.  "Rouse and upgrade the Toa Nuva.  I'll send someone to bring you in when I have decided their next challenge."  Brutaka chuckled.
 "Normally, I would choose ignore that order, but seeing as there is an outsider interfering, I think it's quite clear to see what you're planning here."
 "And what do you assume that might be?"
 "Attract the attention of whatever was responsible for sending you all elsewhere."  Teridax grinned.
 "That was my exact intention."  He then leaned over to pick up a large chunk of ice and held it in front of him to show Brutaka its unique quality.  "Because whatever can create ice like this and send others to different dimensions must have a weakness that can be used against it and make it suffer."  With this, he scowled and clenched his fist, crushing the ice.  "I will not be made a fool of again."

Present Day, Asgard
 The location was dark and icy, snow steadily falling despite the sky being clear.  Everything seemed to be composed of an opaque ice compound that was dark blue in color.  From the sight of things, the Frost Giants had just been defeated and were being forced back into Jotunheim by the Asgardians.  Now he remembered.  It was after the battle on Midgard.
 Odin found Loki where he had before, alone and abandoned on a small ice boulder near the wastelands.  Loki turly had been unusually small for an infant Frost Giant.  There was something different this time.  He sensed a mortal presence nearby.  A young woman, judging by the person's aura.
 "Odin?" a girl voice said.  The Asgard king looked toward his left to find the woman, fair skinned, dark hair, and eyes that could match Earth's clear, sunny sky.  A screech caught both their attentions as they glanced forward at a creature Odin had only heard about in stories.
 "Frost Phoenix," Odin acknowledged.

 Odin awoke in his chambers, still laying next to Frigga.  He sighed inwardly as he rose from the bed and left the chamber.  He knew something had forced the change in that memory as only one of the two females were ever truly there that day.  It had been when Frost Phoenix had told him through thought of her eventual return.  There was that fear that her return may have come too soon.
 The elderly king of Asgard returned to the Hall of Legends and strode over to the shifting mosaic of the Frost Phoenix.  It would seem his fear had become a reality after all.  However not the next form of the Frost Phoenix, the girl from the altered memory may very well be the creature's seer, and she may have witnessed this return herself.
 "Is something wrong, father?" Odin heard Thor ask.  He looked at his son to find that Loki had accompanied him.
 "I'm afraid the Frost Phoenix may have returned sooner than she should have," Odin said, looking back at the mosaic and noting the addition of the new seer.
 "Do you know who the girl might be?" Loki asked as he approached the mosaic.  The Asgardian king shook his head.
 "I only know that she may be the new Frost Phoenix seer, but I noticed something quite unusual about her aura.  As if it resonated from two different dimensions."
 "Despite it being one person?"  Odin nodded in approval.
 "And I do believe this seer is self-aware of both selves."

Valley Center, Dimension Mash-up dimension
 "Odin?" Summer asked.  The armored man turned to look at her and she was almost thankful she was on his left side.  From what she could see, he had just recently lost his right eye.  This Odin looked relatively young, with light brown hair and a short beard, and it looked like he was holding a baby.  A screech caught both their attentions as they looked forward.  The creature looked like a blue crane-dragon hybrid.
 "Thurisaz," Odin said.  Summer looked at him in confusion.
 "Who?"  The Norse king of Asgard suddenly disappeared and was replaced by another her, who looked at her in confusion before suddenly disappearing, too.  "Hey, wait!  Who's Thurisaz?"
 "My true name," a woman voice said.  Summer turned around to see a female Frost Giant standing nearby.  "Convenient how that is what you humans would translate my birth race."
 "What was that creature that was here earlier?"  Thurisaz smiled darkly as she tilted her head slightly.
 "That was also me.  When I discovered my true potential, I shed my birth name like tattered rags and fashioned myself a new identity, as you eventually will, Anaungye."  She then shifted into that creature, spreading her wings.  The sight surprised Summer, causing her to jump back and slip on a boulder.  "Now, my name is Frost Phoenix."  The teen closed her eyes as Thurisaz lunged at her.

 The human weapon sat up suddenly, snarling in defense.  After a few calming breaths, she finally calmed herself down before looking at her hands to see her claws were out.  Sighing, she retracted them before running a hand through her hair.
 "Summer?" JoLee asked from the bottom bunk.  "You okay?"
 "Yeah," Summer replied, shaking her head at the lie before getting out of bed.  "Just a nightmare."
 "So why are you getting up?"  The mutant sighed, going over to look at the clock.
 "Originally to go for a walk, but now that I know what time it is, to get ready to meet up with either Bumblebee or Ironhide."  JoLee looked at her in confusion.
 "Is it really that time already?"
 "Yeah."  Summer sighed, shaking her head.  "I don't know what the hell that dream was about, but I'm starting to think it has something to do with that strange energy wave that hit in 2008."  The younger sister shrugged her shoulders.
 "Who knows?  Hey, say hi to Tanner and Tigress for me, will ya?"  Summer smiled.
 "I don't know about Tigress, but Tanner would be happy to hear from his aunt JoJo."

Valley Center, Primary dimension
 The teen closed her eyes as Thurisaz lunged at her.  But instead of being torn into by talons, the temperature of bitter cold ice changing to steamy heat was all she felt.  Summer opened her eyes to find that she was in a boiler room.  An extremely familiar one at that.
 "Really?" she asked.
 "She will return," a different voice said.  Summer looked around for the source, but ended up slipping down a set of stairs and landing painfully on the floor.  A loud buzzing filled the air as wasps found their way to her.
 "Oh, hell no."  Summer got up to run, but snakes and fire ants surrounded her.  She was trying not to scream.  "Come on!  She's not real!  And neither is this!"
 "She's real.  And she will return."  She immediately recognized the gravely male voice as she turned around to find Freddy Krueger.  He had already been prepared for her and clawed her face with his bladed hand as soon as she had turned around, causing her to scream in pain and hold her face in both hands.

 Summer was still holding her face and screaming when she woke up.  She knew she was awake because she felt the blankets covering her shift slightly.  Her face actually felt warm and wet for some reason.
 "Summer?" she heard her sister ask from the bottom bunk.  There was creaking as JoLee got up and a click, followed by lighting shining, as the light was turned on.  "Oh my god, what happened?"  The sound of footsteps approaching indicated two people rushing to the room.
 "What the hell happened!?" their dad asked as both parents came into the room.  Summer was starting to feel the pain in her face now.  "JoLee, what happened?"
 "I don't know.  I just turned on the light after I heard Summer screaming."
 "Then why is she holding her face?"
 "I want to know why Summer's covered in blood," their mom said.  Then someone gently grabbed one of Summer's hands, trying to pull it away.  "Summer, you need to move your hands so we can see what happened."
 "My face hurts," Summer said, crying.  There was stinging as tears fell down her face.
 "Okay, but we really need to see how bad it is."  After a moments hesitation, Summer lowered her hands, slowly opening her eyes to see three identical shocked faces.  She also noticed her hands were covered in blood.
 "Is it really that bad?"
 "I think you should see for yourself," JoLee said as she helped Summer down before practically dragging her to the bathroom.
 "It can't be that bad, can it?"  Her younger sister pulled her into the bathroom and closed the door before going to the sink.
 "See for yourself."  Summer turned around to look in the full-length mirror and almost screamed again when she saw four parallel bleeding scratches on her face.
 "Oh, god."  JoLee pulled her aside and turned her around to sit her on the toilet lid.  She had some sheets of toilet paper laying on the edge of the sink with a few squares in her hand that she used to start gently dabbing away the blood.
 "How did this even happen?  Nobody broke in and Freddy Krueger can't be that real?"  The younger sister paused, a look of confusion on her face.  "Can he?"
 "Believe it, sis.  This was Krueger's doing."
 "But how?  Is he trying to send a message saying that he's real or something?"  Summer shrugged her shoulders as JoLee went back to cleaning up the blood.
 "I don't know how he managed to actually hurt me, but he is trying to say something's real.  I just don't know what it is."

 "Alright, Makuta, what am I here for?" Brutaka asked as Icarax and Mutran brought him in.  "If you want to kill me, try to make it as quick as you can."  Teridax turned to look back at him and Brutaka almost seemed amused.
 "If I wanted you dead, you would already be so," the Makuta said.  "You know why you're here.  We discussed this meeting eight months ago."  The blue and gold being nodded.
 "So, it's finally happening, isn't it?"  Teridax nodded in approval.  "Why do you need me again?"
 "Your mask power allows you to travel to other worlds, can it not?"
 "It can, but I don't see why that's relevant."  The larger Makuta chuckled darkly, causing Brutaka to shiver.
 "Because I need you to bring a new race to Mata Nui.  Creatures called humans."
 "Humans?  What sort of race is that?"  Teridax growled in frustration.
 "A race I had been forced to become."  He then shifted into a smaller, completely organic form wearing soft, floppy armor.  Like his Makuta form, it was dark in color.
 "You want me to find creatures like that to fight the Toa?  They're so small, and they look fragile."  The Makuta nodded as he returned to his natural form.
 "They are also very clever.  No doubt they will give the Toa a bit of a challenge."  Brutaka nodded in understanding.
 "Will the other Makuta be interfering?"
 "You know I'll try," Mutran said smugly, receiving a snort in response.
 "That's no surprise."  Returning his attention to Teridax Brutaka added, "What will these 'humans' be tested for?"
 "Any traits that bay be similar to the Toa," the Makuta said.  "If all goes well, the humans similar in nature as the Toa may become such themselves."  The blue and gold being laughed.
 "If these particular humans do become Toa, you do realize that they will automatically become allies to the Order, and enemies to the Brotherhood."
 "No need to boast, Brutaka," Mutran said.  "Until further notice, I'll be working on a new mutation for the Toa."  With this, he left the chamber.  Brutaka shook his head.
 "That still does not surprise me."
 "This one will," Teridax said.  The blue and gold being huffed, opening a portal to his first stop on a different world.
 "I'll believe it when I see it."  The larger Makuta chuckled.
 "Don't worry.  You will soon enough."  Brutaka then rolled his eyes before stepping through the portal and closing it behind him.
 "Does Roodaka really have to work with Mutran on this project?" Icarax asked.  Teridax looked at him.
 "Yes.  She and Sidorak are the only other two who know what composes a human form, given that they were humans as well."
Makuta's Test V.2 Prologue
Only chapter that I'm going to post up right now, since I'm camping at an RV resort with my family.  This is the prologue for my revised version of Makuta's Test and goes into more detail on the original story, as it now includes the nightmare my character shares with her Dimension Mash-up self and Odin (and as I think I've said previously, those two will make an appearance in a later story).  It also explains why both the Human Bionicle series and the Dimension Mash-up story line coincide in the first place.  The beginning takes place almost immediately after the final chapter of the Dimension Mash-up story line, hence the little time deal.  Side note, I actually got a little sunburn from swimming.

Next:  The car trip to the airport and my character meets Jason.

Bionicle (c) LEGO
Thor (c) Marvel
Name:  Jason Steven Oliphant
Date of Birth:  July 13, 1993
Gender:  Male
Race:  Human, Gray transformation
Parents:  Julia Oliphant (mother), Harris Oliphant (father)
Profile:  As a Toa, Jason is a carefree spirit and quite agile in the trees, but can be clumsy on the ground.  Despite his behavior, he is quite intelligent and is experienced with technological items, repairing cell phones with extreme ease.  When he was twelve years old, he was abducted by Grays, and as a result of their experimentation on him, he became capable of transforming into a Gray himself.  Sometime after he returned from the Makuta's test, his parents were held in a hostage situation by Alex Kruckenberg.  He still debates with himself whether he likes cities or jungles more.

Name:  Todd Nicholas Deets
Date of Birth:  July 19, 1993
Gender:  Male
Race:  Human, Gargoyle
Parents:  Gina Deets (mother, deceased), Jimi Deets (father)
Profile:  As a Toa, Todd has supernatural night-vision than some of the others and only speaks when he feels he needs to, mostly in a logical case.  While he was in school, he and his father would spend summer vacations helping out in the salt mines down in Texas, which may be the reason behind his amazing night-vision.  When he was seven years old, Todd's mother was hunted down and killed by Thomas Calloway, a surprisingly powerful young child who had been afraid of her attacking civilians given her gargoyle nature.  As a result of his gargoyle heritage, Todd is capable of becoming a gargoyle himself, mainly as a last resort in battle.  He is, however, very fond of researching the history of his mother's heritage as a hobby.

Name:  Jesse Zacca Alderson
Date of Birth:  August 6, 1990
Gender:  Male
Race:  Al Bhed (werewolf)
Parents:  Virginia Alderson (mother), Timothy Alderson (father)
Profile:  As a Toa, Jesse is often hotheaded, but can prove to be a very reliable leader, even under some dire circumstances.  Before the original Dissidia war started, his great grandparents, Alder and Mirage, had come to earth with other Al Bhed families, but Mirage left for Spira again just as the Dissidia war had started, leaving her in the time-paused world for years.  Out of all the others on his team, Jesse is the only actual Al Bhed and has family ties with the Gullwings, as his great aunt Majira had been good friends with them.  He was also born with a gene that causes him to become a werewolf on every full moon, making him the first Al Bhed werewolf.  Also, because of his birth on earth, he was also one of the first few Al Bhed who started smoking, his dad doing so very rarely.

Name:  Luke James Sanders
Date of Birth:  March 12, 1991
Gender:  Male
Race:  Human, Nightbrother
Parents:  Zeneth Sanders (mother), Kyle Sanders (father)
Profile:  As a Toa, Luke tends to be very coldly behaved and will often abandon his team to be alone for a while, most times in a cold region or with Carl.  Given that his mother was a Dathomiri Nightsister, he understands Nightsister magic and has come to use it himself in some situations.  His Dathomiri Nightbrother half-sibling, Chris Payne, was eventually revealed to his team after they had come to Dathomir after a seriously dangerous mission.  Other than Carl, it has proven to be very difficult to get him to reveal any docile emotions for anybody other than himself and is a rare sight to see whenever he does show them.  As he is often a cold person to be around, he has shown a strong dislike for rhymes and riddles.

Name:  Jacob Henry Smith
Date of Birth:  June 5, 2006
Gender:  Male
Race:  Human, Diathim
Parents:  Amber Smith (mother, deceased), Dolru Smith (father, Luxord as father's Nobody)
Profile:  As a Toa, Jacob has proven to be not only the most courageous, but also the most powerful in his team.  His mother, a Diathim, was one of the few passengers aboard flight 263 that had died in the crash near the island of Mata Nui.  While he displays a high interest of his surroundings, he also expresses an amazing sense of direction, even at such a young age when he was able to find his way back to the camp by himself during the Makuta's test.  During his adventure in the Kingdom Hearts worlds, he was able to meet his father's Nobody, Luxord, even calling said Nobody "daddy" at one point.  He later learns how to harness his Diathim abilities in battle, as well as change his hair, eye, and skin color at will as a Toa trick of bending the light reflecting off of him.

Name:  Carl Hikura Stone
Date of Birth:  February 24, 1992
Gender:  Male
Race:  Human (Oni warrior)
Parents:  Kathryn Stone (mother), Kao Stone (father)
Profile:  As a Toa, Carl is ever happy and forgiving, and has learned to effectively stop while running at high speeds while training in the desert of Agrabah.  His Japanese family history dates back to the time of Oda Nobunaga, where the demon wars was said to have gotten worse and called for a human Oni warrior to step in.  As a result of this family history, he was granted the ability to use the Oni Gauntlet, which had taken the form of a tattoo on his right arm, and was one of two of his team to be able to wield a Keyblade.  Carl is one of only a rare few people that has managed to get Luke to show any sort of calm and decent emotion around anyone.  He is also one that enjoys listening to riddles and appreciates listening to different cultured music, especially Owlcity and Imagine Dragons.

Name:  Summer Dawn Byers
Date of Birth:  February 11, 1992
Gender:  Female
Race:  Human (vampire, Theosite)
Parents:  Michelle Byers (mother), Shawn Byers (father)
Profile:  As a Toa, Summer is a very emotional person, more often in a state of concern or guilt for reasons still unknown.  She was technically the first to experience her Toa powers while under pressure, but still believes she's not fit to be a hero, believing this in a stronger sense after the second Dissidia war and after her transformation into a Heartless.  During her time in the Kingdom Hearts worlds, she was given the ability to wield a Keyblade, being the first of her team to do so, but prefers to use either her hooks or a machete as a weapon.  During a mishap in Balamb Garden, it was revealed that four demons had been passed down from mother to eldest daughter for a few generations, the second Dissidia war revealing her vampiric nature, and later on met her death in Sleepy Hollow that revealed her secret Theosite origin..  After her daughter's birth, she begins to grasp a slightly stronger sense of responsibility of being a Toa and eventually comes to accept her role as one.
Human Toa Profiles
This is one I decided to do a while ago to kinda explain our characters in further detail, like middle names and back-stories. Jacob and Luke are one of the main reasons I wanted to do a Star Wars story because of their family ties to that. I also wanted to kind of include an excuse to call my team highly unique, adding in so many different heritages. Jesse's middle name is actually his first name, just in Al Bhed (his parents and brother's names are the same way). Todd's family history was actually fun to come up with. And because of Luke's Dathomiri heritage, he does end up with full-body tattoos. My being a vampire is mainly just for the story, I don't actually think I am a real vampire (but it would suck if I was).

EDIT:  Added on a little more detail for my character 
Yeah, I know.  Why come up with more stories if you can't even post them, Summer?  That's stupid.  Well, with the spare time that I have, it's hard not to come up with more story ideas.  Thankfully this one will be the last one before the proper Human Bionicle prequel.  And by proper, I mean the story where the Hero Factory in Detroit opens for the following stories.  The new story I have planned out involves Shane Acker's "9" characters, including my 9 OC's... all thirteen of them (yes, after adding 26 and 27, I have thirteen 9 OC's).  And just because, my seven-people Toa group will be taking on Stitchpunk appearances, just to avoid stepping on something disease inflicting, mainly for Jacob's sake.  I'm already in the process of redesigning some of my characters just to update their appearances.  I might not be able to post stuff from my phone, but I can still edit deviations.  That makes things a little easier.
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