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I think it's obvious that I can never really stick to one project for long. And this proves that I'm truly and utterly insane.



 What was that all about? Summer thought, looking at the scratches on her face in her handheld mirror.  Krueger's shown up in my nightmares before, but he never tried to hurt me.  She sighed, placing the mirror in her bag.  I'm starting to wonder if it is true.
 "Okay then," she said out loud, looking at her things.  "Let's see here.  Clothes, deodorant, toothbrush?  Check.  Yarn, crochet hook, yarn needle?  Check.  Notebook, pencil, and eraser?..."  Shifting around a few things, she found her notebook by her stuffed bear.  "Check.  Oh, wait..."
 "Summer, are you ready yet?" JoLee asked.  Summer nodded slightly.
 "Yeah, give me a minute.  I need my scissors, colored pencils, and pocket knife."  Her sister looked at her in confusion.
 "Why do you need a pocket knife?"
 "Mainly to sharpen my colored pencils because I don't have a pencil sharpener.  Ah!"  The older sister had found her missing items.  "Here they are."  JoLee shook her head.
 "Come here so I can look at your face."  Summer sighed, but went over to sister anyway so her face could be examined.  "God, that looks horrible."
 "Are you sure we should even go through with this?  It is pretty blunt and sudden, after all."
 "Look, I don't know what you did to piss Krueger off so bad, but mom and dad said we should go through with it.  And besides, the tickets and passports have already been paid for."  The older sister sighed.
 "Good point.  And can we please not bring him up?  I don't want to think about that nightmare.  I'm just thankful I had a different dream after it."  JoLee laughed.
 "That's good to hear."  Soon after, Molly and Mac entered the kitchen with their own bags.
 "You girls ready?" Molly asked.  Summer looked at JoLee while pointing at the pictures on their wall.
 "Just one?" she asked.
 "No," JoLee said.
 "I said no, Summer.  You need a break from drawing horror stuff."  The older sister sighed before looking at the girls in the kitchen.
 "Yeah, we're ready to go."  A honk in the driveway signaled that their driver, and final member, had arrived.  "Sounds like Jenny."
 "So what are we telling Jenny about your face?" Mac asked Summer.
 "Well, we can't tell her I scratched myself in my sleep.  She knows I have a nail-biting problem."
 "We can't tell her Krueger did it," JoLee pointed out, grabbing the doorknob.
 "I don't know.  We'll think of something."  With a shrug of the shoulders, the younger sister opened the door to let the girls out.
 "Hey, what happened to Summer?" Jenny asked as the girls got loaded up.
 "Freddy Krueger did it," Molly blurted out.
 "Molly!" Summer, JoLee, and Mac exclaimed together.
 "What? I couldn't think of anything."
 "Wait, Freddy Krueger?" Jenny asked.  "As in horror movie Freddy Krueger?  That guy is real?"  Summer sighed.
 "Real enough to do this to me," she said as Jenny pulled out of the driveway.
 "But how could something like that happen?  I mean, how is it even possible?"
 "We're still trying to figure that out ourselves.  JoLee and I think he was trying say something was real."
 "I think he's just mad at Summer for not drawing him enough anymore," Molly said.  Summer turned in her seat to look back at her.
 "I kind of can't right now because I don't have anymore sketch paper."  A sheepish look suddenly came to her face.  "Although, I did snag a small stack of printer paper for notes on the trip."
 "So that's where the printer paper's been disappearing to," JoLee said.
 "Come on!  I'm still an artist in progress.  Cut me some slack."  All of a sudden Molly started giggling as Summer sat properly in her seat.  "Oh, that was such a bad choice of words."  All five girls then started laughing.  The rest of the trip to the airport was mostly quiet.
 Upon arriving at the airport, they found quite a few buses parked near the entrance.  Jenny got out and went over to one of the attendants to ask what the buses were there for, the rest of the group waiting.  A few moments later, Jenny came back looking a little surprised.
 "What's up, Jenny?" Summer asked.
 "Our flight is experiencing some difficulties," Jenny said.  "However, some of the passengers on our flight are taking a bus to New Mexico."
 "Why New Mexico?" Mac asked.
 "That's just where these buses are going.  And since we're on that flight, we'd better get moving."
 They each boarded their assigned bus, showing the bus driver their flight tickets before taking a seat.  While the other four at least got to sit together, Summer ended up having to sit next to an energetic red-haired boy.  Upon closer inspection, she noticed the boy had light freckles.  He had earbuds in and was listening to some loud music.
 I wish I could be that cheerful, Summer thought as she pulled out her empty sketchbook, a sheet of paper, a pencil, and an eraser, and set herself to trying to draw.  She didn't get too far when she noticed the boy lipsynching to a song.  Smiling and shaking her head, she tapped his shoulder.
 "Excuse me?" she said.  The boy unplugged his left ear from the music.
 "Yeah," he said, glancing at Summer before looking at her in surprise.  "Oh, yikes.  Did Freddy Krueger get you?"
 "Um... Actually, I was wondering what song you were listening to."  The boy looked down nervously.
 "I wasn't disturbing you, was I?"  Summer shook her head.
 "No.  I was just curious, really."  The boy looked back at her and smiled before pulling out his media player.
 "Beginning of the End by Spineshank. It's metal music."  Summer slowly shook her head.
 "I'm not sure I'm familiar with that song."  The redhead looked back at her and she noticed he had blue eyes.
 "Have you seen 'Freddy vs Jason' before?"  The dark brunette's eyes widened at this.
 "That song is in that movie?"  The boy laughed, nodding.
 "Yeah.  It's the title theme."  Summer was trying to restrain her excitement now.
 "Oh, man!  I've been wondering what song that was."
 "So, you actually like that movie?  Or, I mean, that song?"  Summer nodded.
 "Yeah.  I've never really enjoyed many metal songs because of all the shrieking.  Gives me a headache.  But I do make some exceptions, that song being one of them."
 "Huh.  Umm, I never told you my name, did I?"
 "Don't feel bad.  I never told you my name, either."  The boy smiled, holding a hand out.
 "Jason Oliphant."  Summer shook Jason's hand.
 "Summer Byers."  Jason held Summer's hand, palm up, and started examining it.  The light touch tickled.  "What are you doing?"
 "Trying to figure out how old you are.  You can't be fifteen.  You look it, but you don't sound it."  The brunette smiled.
 "I'll give you three guesses before I tell you."  Jason shook his head with a grin.
 "I don't need three guesses."  He let go of her hand and looked her.  "You're nineteen years old, aren't you?"  She looked at him in surprise.
 "Are you a palm reader?  That's right on the nose."  Jason turned in his seat to look behind him before sitting normally, lowering his voice.
 "Good, he's asleep."  Summer lowered her voice as well.
 "Who is?"
 "My dad.  He would kill me if he knew I told anybody this."  Summer looked at him in confusion.
 "Told anybody what?"  Jason sighed.  He looked nervous about what he was going to say.
 "Please don't make fun of me, I'm being as honest as I can.  I'm a natural-born telepath."  Summer's shoulders slumped.
 "Come on.  Be serious."
 "I'm very serious.  I started reading minds when I was five and started projecting my thoughts into people's minds when I was eight."
 "Prove it."  Jason frowned, pressing two fingers against his temple.
 How is this for proof? his thoughts said in Summer's mind.  The effect gave her chills as she gently held her head.  Out loud Jason added, "What do you think?  Pretty cool?"
 "Mutants like you are real?"  The redhead nodded.
 "Just don't tell anybody I did that, okay?"  Summer nodded.
 "Don't worry.  Your secret's safe with me."  Jason smiled.
 "So, what else can you tell me before we start talking normally?"  The redhead scratched the back of his neck.
 "I don't know.  It's crazy."
 "Can't be any crazier than me jumping out of a two story window at two years old."  Jason looked at her.
 "I got abducted by the Grays when I was twelve.  They performed a transmutation experiment on me and five others.  Two of them died, the other three got stuck as Grays."
 "What about you?"  The redhead sighed, shaking his head.
 "Clearly I survived, but my telepathic abilities now match Grays, and now I can turn into one of them and back into a human."  The brunette placed a hand on his shoulder.
 "I'm sorry."  Jason shook his head.
 "Nah, you don't have to be."  Summer nodded, raising her tone to normal speaking.
 "Say, you're not part Irish, are ya?"  Jason smiled, pointing at her.
 "I love how you said 'Irish' because it sounded exactly like how my mom says it."
 "Your mom's Irish?"  The redhead nodded.
 "Full blooded.  My dad is Scottish and British."  Summer smiled.
 "I'm also part Irish, Scottish, and British."  Jason looked at her in surprise.
 "Yeah.  There's also Welsh, German, African, Romanian, and Native American in my family.  Not sure what tribe, though."
 "Indian tribe, huh?  So, is the hair growing trick true, about hair growing faster after cutting it on a new moon?"  Summer shrugged her shoulders.
 "I guess so.  My mom told us her cousins had more haircuts after a small trim on a new moon than on a full moon."  Jason grinned.
 "That is so cool.  I was just asking because my brother Adam was wanting to try that trick out himself."
 "I've wanted to try it, too.  Just to see if it was real."  The brunette then went back to trying to draw.  The redhead looked over at the picture.
 "What are you drawing, anyway?"  Summer shrugged her shoulders.
 "Just something from my nightmare last night."  Jason pulled up his bag and started looking for something.
 "Please don't think of this as a date proposal, but maybe you should have this."  He then pulled out a sketchbook and gave it to Summer.  "You look like you're more of an artist than I am."
 "Thanks, Jason.  But you didn't have to give me this."
 "Yeah, I know.  But you seemed like a person who takes notes on things, so yeah.  And besides, I don't really draw anyway."  Summer smiled as she accepted the sketchbook.
 "Again, thanks."  Jason nodded.
 "I wonder how many pictures you can get drawn up before we get to New Mexico."
 "That only depends on how well I can draw on a bumpy bus."  Summer's head started itching as she got the feeling someone was watching them.  Turning in her seat, she saw a dark haired man in a black business suit staring at her with green eyes.
 "Is something wrong?"
 "That guy in the business suit.  Has he been staring at us the whole time?"  Jason looked at the business suit man before sinking lower in his seat and pressing his fingers to his temple again, lowering his voice as well.
 "Um, Summer.  I've got bad news."  Summer looked back at the redhead to see that he was confused, lowering her voice, too.
 "What's wrong?"  Jason lowered his hand and shook his head.
 "I think business suit man knows I'm a telepath because he's blocking me."
 "I don't know, but he is."  Summer looked back at business suit man to see him grinning, a small glint of red in his eyes.  She then looked back at Jason.
 "I think he-"  Jason suddenly held his head, grunting in pain.  "You okay, Jason?  What happened?"
 "Now I know how he's blocking me."  He looked at Summer.  "He's also a telepath."
 "Is that possible?"  Jason shrugged his shoulders.
 "I guess so."

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